Earnest R. Patterson
Sergeant, 1st Marine Division

Earnest Patterson obtained these postcards and a Japanese soldier's photograph album sometime/somewhere during his service with the 1st Marine Division during World War II. The postcard and album were given to his brother, Dewey Patterson, sometime after the war. He gave each one of his brothers and a sister a war souvenir. Earnest drowned in 1947 while attempting to rescue other marines during a training accident during the filming of a "John Wayne Movie" in CA. Ironically, he survived the battles with a real enemy to die facing a Hollywood movie foe.

Japanese Propaganda Postcards
of World War II

Jungle--Japanese soldiers clearing jungle with a bulldozer;
Snow--Japanese soldiers fighting in the snow;
Victory--Japanese soldiers find victory in a burning oilfield somewhere in Southeast Asia;
Comrades--Three Japanese soldiers...;
Enemy's Flag--Japanese soldiers attacking--enemy's flag in the dirt;
Mud--Japanese soldiers push a wagon out of the mud;